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Nature Study


Weekly nature walks and journaling in notebook. Research plants, insects, birds, animals, rivers, trees, flowers, habitats.

When children are ready start Apologia Press botany course and supplement with nature walks and journal keeping. Then progress on to other courses.

David Macaulay series The Way Things Work Ship/City/Pyramid etc.

Exploring Nature With Children L Seddon ebook

Young Explorers Series Jeannie Fulbright

Khan Academy Science


Unit studies


Use unit studies to incorporate and integrate subjects regularly.  It is ok to take a break from the set courses to enjoy immersion in a topic that we find interesting. Unit studies should incorporate independent research, outings to relevant museums or activities, discussion, sharing of ideas, critical thinking and logic, passing on new found knowledge to others in varying formats (retelling, plays, artwork, project books, lap books, computer designed newsletters).


British wildlife

A local famous person

Space exploration


Country Study