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The Light of the World

This text covers the matter set out in the 1954 Syllabus of Religious Knowledge for Primary 6 Classes.

Only the catechism answers marked with a cross need be memorised. The number in brackets after each Catechism answer indicates the number of that question and answer in The Scottish Catechism of Christian Doctrine. A lesson represents a unit of work. It does not indicate that the amount of matter contained in it should be covered in one class period.

Book 2 Chapter 11 Jesus Christ is the Son of God

Book 2 Chapter 12 The Hidden Life at Nazareth

Book 2 Chapter 13 The Miracles and Teaching of Jesus

Book 2 Chapter 14 The Scribes and Pharisees

Book 2 Chapter 16 Sacrifices of the Old Law

Book 2 Chapter 17 The Jewish Feasts

Book 2 Chapter 18 The Sacrifice of the Cross

Book 2 Chapter 19 The Sign of the Cross

Book 2 Chapter 21 The Risen Life and the Ascension

Book 2 Chapter 22 Pentecost and the Holy Ghost

Book 2 Chapter 23 The Life of Sanctifying Grace

Book 2 Chapter 28 The Institution of the Holy Eucharist

Book 2 Chapter 29 The Sacrifice of the Mass

Book 2 Chapter 30 The Altar, Sacred Vessels and Vestments

Book 2 Chapter 31 The Mass of the Catechumens

Book 2 Chapter 32 The Principal Parts of the Mass

Book 2 Chapter 35 The Worship of God

Book 2 Chapter 36 Sins Against the Faith

Book 2 Chapter 37 Sins Against Hope and Charity

Book 2 Chapter 39 Reverence for God’s Name

Book 2 Chapter 40 the Day of Worship

Book 2 Chapter 42 The Law of Obedience

Book 2 Chapter 44 Self-control and Good Example

Book 2 Chapter 46 Our Bodies are Temples of the Holy Ghost

Book 2 Chapter 48 The Law of Honesty

Book 2 Chapter 49 The Law of Truthfulness

Book 2 Chapter 50 Reward and Punishment After Death





10-11 Catechism study: Faith (The Creed)  CHRISTIAN CULTURE

Saints and Church history of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries (1800-1900)


English Penny catechism

Light of the World

My Path to Heaven Fr. Geoffrey Bliss

Baltimore Catechism




Age appropriate SSPX catechism course (USA) Our Lady of Fatima Correspondence Catechism with the SSPX Sisters

1 Work through ’La Michede pain’ and discuss.

2 Bible – tea time read aloud, one chapter Catholic Children’s Bible, discuss.

3 Know your Mass by Fr. Demetrious Manousos, 2-3 pages twice a week, discuss and review.

St. Thomas Aquinas for everyone by Dave Palmer

The liturgical year