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7-10 Maths Curriculum Key Stage 2 (e.g. Oxford Mastermaths series, Mastermaths 2). Facts practice

YEAR 4 (2)

Scottish Primary Maths Group Primary Maths stage 3 and associated workbook (fractions, long multiplication etc).

Continue with 8 a day.

Mental Arithmetic book 3 every day.



Maths-U-See programme, Alpha, Beta and Gamma (Choose level depending on ability) 1 lesson per week and worksheets, uses manipulatives and song CD. Edit use of worksheets depending on understanding of subject and mastery.

Start the week with DVD lesson, then use manipulatives and sheets to review through the week, use the blackboard to work out other problems. For fun use ‘shut the box’, extra test sheets, colour clock, polydrons, Cuisenaire rods, Khan Academy.