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YEAR 8 (1)


Mapwork (annotating maps, using maps to understand settlements. Field work skills: surveys, graphs, bar charts etc. Presentation of data (ordinance Survey maps; fieldwork) Human geography (population and settlement (demographic processes); Transport and industry (economic processes)


Age 12-13


(A) Mapwork (ordinance Survey maps; fieldwork)

(B) Human geography (population and settlement – demography; transport/ industry – economics)

(C) Optional Topic: Modern exploration  (c1650 to present)


(A) Mapwork


(i) Further Ordinance Survey map-work skills Identify heights and contours; annotate simple sketch sections and cross sections

Use maps in decision-making

Understand site, situation and shape of settlements


(ii)  Fieldwork and enquiry skills


environmental quality surveys

land-use mapping and field sketches

representation of data via graphs, bar charts, pie charts, histograms, pictograms


(B) Human geography


(i)  Population and Settlement (demographic processes)


population numbers and population density for the UK and the world

the causes of the rise or fall of the population of an individual country

the reasons for the site, shape, situation, growth and nature of individual settlements

the relationship between the provision of goods and services and settlement size

the management of urban development


(ii)  Transport and Industry (economic processes)


the value of transport routes for people and industry

the principal modes of transport today – road, rail, sea and air – together with their impact on

the environment

the different types (sectors) of economic activity

how economic activities operate in contrasting locations

how economic development can be made sustainable


(C) Optional topic: Modern exploration  (c1650 to present)


  1. Exploration of Canada/California (Lalemant/Serra)
  2. 1700s: Lewis and Clark
  3. 1800’s Darwin; African exploration (Livingstone)
  4. 1800’s Australian exploration
  5. Northwest passage
  6. 20th Century: North Pole; South Pole

YEAR 8 (2)



Books I used for secondary level.

I don’t feel I can recommend books in geography at the lower secondary level and usually made up my own projects using various books I got from libraries etc. Examples would be a topic such as volcanoes in geography.

Edexcel offered a good international exam without coursework and therefore I used them a lot. Once you have chosen a course to follow there is usually an appropriate textbook offered by the board.


GEOGRAPHY – Projects e.g., Volcanoes