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YEAR 6 (1)


Age 10-11
Map work (Ordinance Survey; 4 fig grid refs, keys and scales) Locational knowledge (create maps of Russia, Asia, Australasia)
Physical geography: Climate and biomes
Optional Topic: Medieval Exploration


(A) Map work (using Ordinance Survey maps) and locational knowledge (Asia, Australasia)
(B) Physical geography: climate and biomes
(C) Optional Topic (Medieval Exploration)

(A) Map work

1. Introduce Ordinance Survey map-work skills: 4 figure grid references (eastings/northings) key, scale, direction.
2. Locational knowledge: Create a map of Asia and a map of Australasia/Oceania
– Countries and capitals: Afghanistan (Kabul), Bangladesh (Dhaka/Dacca), China (Beijing), India (New Delhi), Indonesia (Jakarta), Iran (Tehran), Iraq (Baghdad), Israel (Jerusalem), Japan (Tokyo), Pakistan (Islamabad), Russia (see also Europe), Saudi Arabia (Riyadh), South Korea (Seoul), Thailand (Bangkok), Turkey (Ankara, see also Europe)
– Mountain ranges (Himalayas, Urals).
– Rivers (Ganges, Indus, Yangtze, Yellow).
– Deserts (Arabian, Gobi).

– Countries and capitals: Australia (Canberra, perhaps Sydney), New Zealand (Wellington), Papua New Guinea (Port Moresby)
– Mountain ranges (Easter Highlands).
– Rivers (Darling, Murray).
– Deserts (Great Victorian desert; Great Sandy desert)

(B) Physical geography: climate zones and biomes:

Study climate zones (tropical, dry, temperate, cold, polar) and the influences on climate (e.g. seasons, weather, air pressure, precipitation). Investigate biomes found in these zones: tropical, savannah, desert, Mediterranean, mountains, temperate (grassland/forest), tundra Study the sorts of plants and animals found there. (extension: study marine and freshwater biomes/habitats)

(C) Optional topic: Medieval Exploration

Medieval Exploration (from c 1,000 to 1500)

1. Marco Polo: – China, Kublai Kahn
2. Ibn Battuta: travels in Africa, India, China
3. Zheng He: seven voyages: India, Ceylon, Arabia, Africa
4. Prince Henry the Navigator: inspired travels to Africa and India. What were ‘caravels’?
5. Vasco de Gama: first European to reach India by sea
6. Columbus: finds the Americas: Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria

YEAR 6 (3)

Young Explorers Series Jeannie Fulbright

Khan Academy Science

Settera Geography