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If, in your curriculum, history plays a central part, then you can be sure that geography will too. You simply can’t study history without coming across an awful lot of geography: not only directly in the sense of finding out where historical events took place but also on a more detailed level such as the effect of landscape on battle outcomes, the ceding of territories from one nation to another, the effect of the growth of towns on a rural populace and so on. The list is really endless and brings in political, physical and human geography on almost every level.  Though they will hopefully pick up a lot via history, children are often very interested in geography for its own sake (most of mine have been fascinated by maps and flags in particular), so it is worth trying to fit in some specific study of geography. In the separate age-specific pages below you can find suggestions for more focused study of geography as a subject in its own right.

From about Year 3 onwards