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‘In search of the Greeks’ by Renshaw

Latin literature: as per exam

Traditional logic 1, Memoria Press


‘In Search of the Romans’.  by Renshaw

Latin History from original sources :

selections from Livy and Caesar in translation  (link to Latin GCSE if taking)

Latin literature from original sources: selections from the Aeneid and various poets (link to Latin GCSE if taking)


Secondary/GCSE Level Classics

For GCSE level (though the exam presents difficulties), as well as original texts the following books are useful:  ‘These were the Greeks’ by Amos and Lang and ‘These were the Romans’ by Tingay and Badcock. These books are quite old fashioned and dry; some people prefer the more up to date approach of James’ Renshaw’s ‘In search of the Greeks’ and ‘In Search of the Romans’.  The exam board OCR also offers various books to accompany the GCSE course in Classical Civilisation which may be useful even if you are not planning to take the exam. Taking the exam presents difficulties – check up well in advance.