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How to Use

Each subject has a page for every grade and we have up to three homeschool consultants for each year.
Our consultants are experienced homeschoolers who have developed their own method with tried and tested materials they have sourced over the years.
Their book suggestions, online resource links and their own materials are all listed on the same page with the numbers (1), (2) or (3) and a dividing line between their work. Hopefully having each years’ suggestions on one page keeps it simple and numbering the different consultants helps you keep track through the levels and subjects.

If you have book suggestions or  materials you have written yourself, any worksheets, projects, experiments, exercises that you have felt worked particularly well please share them. Email them to, whether they are neat or need typing out, send in a picture attached to an email and it will be neatened up and shared on the website.

The Plan

PHASE I – live

  • A simple website  to provide a curriculum structure and links to existing resources. The site includes pages where home schoolers can share their experiences and resources. Many thanks to the home schoolers who have helped.

PHASE II – by May 2018

  • To publish a comprehensive catechism module based on the Light of the World series for home schoolers and anyone else interested in the Catholic faith.

PHASE III – by Sep 2018

  • To develop and publish resources of its own (learning materials, lesson plans, recorded lessons, live lessons and tuition services) for which it will charge a subscription.

PHASE IV – by Sep 2019

  • Once St. Raphael’s Homeschool has gained enough experience and materials and support, it will venture into becoming an online school: enrolling pupils, delivering educational services and presenting candidates for public exams.



We hope to create and maintain updated directories of:

Tutors – especially for those studying at higher levels, GCSE’s and onwards we plan to provide a directory of tutors with details of location, price, availability online and in person

*If you are a tutor or know tutors who would like their details included on our directory please get in touch

Exam Centres – again for those taking iGCSEs/GCSEs having an up to date directory of exam centres willing to accomodate external candidates with prices and contact details will be a great help.

*If you have used or currently use such an exam centre please send me the details and I’ll include it in our directory.


We are also building up a library of suggested book titles both academic and literary, watch out for the launch as your suggestions and reviews will make it all the more useful.